Sometimes You Just Need a Catch Up Day

At the beginning of each month we have a “Catch Up Week”. My older students help clean out paper work, sharpen pencils, check the makerspace supplies, clean windows, check to be sure books are in the right book bin, help set up centers, dust & vacuum windowsills.

Library Helpers

My younger students enjoyed a few read alouds. I asked the students what they thought “Go Green” means. The most popular answers were “when the light turns green you can go” or “when the battery charger light turns green your battery is good to go”. LOL! I love my little ones!  I then read “Miss Fox’s Class Goes Green” and we talked about ways we could “Go Green”.  I also read a few poems from “The Frogs Wore Red Suspenders”. They loved it. Then I shared with them all the cool centers we were doing this month. They are so excited and cannot wait!


The last 20 minutes of class the students checked out books and actually had time to sit anywhere they wanted to look at them. If I did this every week like I have in the past they would be fidgety and wandering around. Now it is like a treat. That’s why it is so important to spice things up and change things around from time to time.

I ended my day filling out my lesson plans (that were due today!) I have always used small post it notes to write my plans on. That way if I need to continue to the next week I just move the post it. Today I FINALLY took the time to learn how to print on post it notes!  WHY HAVE I NEVER TRIED THIS BEFORE????? It was super easy and having my Spring Into Action Unit with all the activities in one spot made for stress free lesson planning! Be looking for our centers in action next week! DSC_0122