Introduce Yourself!

Every year I schedule my Scholastic Book Fair during Open House. The advantage is it draws a large crowd. The disadvantage is I’m not able to show parents what goes on in the Library.

I heard about this awesome idea at ISTE! It is a great way to communicate what is happening in your Library. Teachers could also use it to provide parents with something to do as they wait to speak with them.

Step 1: Write out a simple script of everything you want the audience to know. (Introduce yourself, include a fun fact, introduce your family, talk about your goals and what is happening in your library/classroom.

Step 2: Create a video. I added pictures and a video to iMovie. I love the Voiceover feature! It allowed me to read my script and describe what was happening in each picture.

Step 3: Upload your video to YouTube. Once your video is uploaded you can copy the link and create a QR code.


Step 4: Create a cute poster to hang outside your door or near the cash register.


I hope everyone has a wonderful new school year! Please share how you may use this for Open House! I can’t wait to see how it works!


The Go To Library Girl